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About Monica Lee

Monica LeeHey y’all….just want to introduce myself…are you ready??

Ok…I am, Monica Lee,  a  Sex Educator, Relationship/Intimacy Coach, Writer, Blogger, Motivational Speaker, Personal Cheerleader at your service (you’re welcome), Lover of Life, Connoisseur of the Virgin Adult Beverages (especially my favorite Long Island Ice Tea minus the Long Island), Moon Goddess (yes, my favorite time of day is midnight so I can go dance, bare, under the moonlight), Certified Tantra Educator/Practioner, Wannabe Comedian, A Seeker,  A Lover, A Storyteller (weaver of adult bedtime stories…dreams), Full Time Student of The Universe (always learning from those around me),  and Radio Show Host of Front Porch Sex Talk with Monica Lee…..whewwwww that was a mouth full!!

I started this journey a very long time ago, and tried to run away from it, but when you are meant to do something, sometimes you just have to sit, pay attention and embrace it….and so I did. I haven’t looked back since…now how is that for getting lost and having GPS re-route you? I learned to just trust everyday and see where I am meant to go.

The whole concept for Front Porch Sex Talk…well, is because you know how you just sit a spell on the front porch with your beverage of choice and you just talk….just talk about anything and everything. On the Front Porch there is no shame, there is no guilt, there is no judgement. We are just ourselves having some fun, and talking about things you just never thought you could talk about so openly. Well darlings, guess what…it is about to happen! We will talk about sex, relationships, how to have great orgasms, and not just any ol orgasms…but full body, whole body orgasms that leave you trembling, and wanting a piece of chocolate cake afterwards, (which you should always have at the bedside) and don’t think about anybody getting up to walk to the kitchen to make sandwiches after because if the both of y’all’s legs aren’t trembling, then Houston, we have a problem. We will also talk about embracing sexuality and bringing it out of being taboo or just for procreation. Sexual health will also be on the agenda, because to have great sex, we need to make sure all our parts and pieces are working properly. This is just to name a few of the topics. We are going to have a blast because there is so much we will talk about. Every show will be different and packed with laughs and information…and of course yours truly!

I do workshops and seminars for individuals (men and women), couples, but most of the time I do Skype sessions for the coaching part, again for individuals (men and women), and couples.

In time, as we sit on The Front Porch you will get to know me and feel comfortable enough to let me in. My goal is to never use big words that make you feel that sacred sex is too out of reach, because…really, we should be having mind blowing sacred sex. Life is too short for anything less..don’t you agree?!  I will not use such words to make sex dirty, because it is the most beautiful thing that we can do with another human being. Yes, my goal is to be like your best friend…to cheer you on, and give you the best tools and advice I can to live a fulfilling and satisfied sexual life. So come on now…sit a spell, grab your drink, tell ya mama, ya daddy, ya grandma, ya grandpa, and grab ya dog and tune in at 8pm CST every Wednesday. Every week is a different show with different topics and different guests. I even open the phone lines for people to call in with questions or just to say hello, no reason to be shy on The Front Porch!


All my love…and remember…around here…it ain’t ya mama’s talk!

Monica Lee xoxo

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